Trends ebb and flow throughout every industry but none quite as much as home remodeling.  Long gone are the days of moving every few years.  More and more people are staying in their homes and spending money to improve the space they are.  From kitchens to bathrooms, home improvement is as popular now as it ever has been.  People want to come home to a space that is custom to them and are willing to spend on improvements to make it happen.

Renovating a bathroom is not a project that homeowners take on every year.  Not only are these spaces quite labor extensive to remodel, they can be quite costly as well.  With this in mind, homeowners look towards bathroom design specialists, such as Horton Plumbing, to help them create a design that is timeless.  Homeowners are looking at incorporating trends that will hold their ground as well as meet their current wants and needs.

Noteworthy Trends in Bathroom Design and Renovation

Bringing Nature Indoors

There is no secret when it comes to the peace and tranquility that most people receive from being exposed to nature.  This is why one of the top trends in bathroom remodeling revolves around incorporating natural, eco-friendly, & sustainable materials into the overall concept.  Some of the ways we are seeing this done is through the use of reclaimed woods, recyclable materials, greenery, etc., subtle features that allow the space to function efficiently without losing the retreat element that is so craved in today’s bathrooms.

Creating Large Spaces within Small Confines

Let’s face the truth of the reality; space is not a luxury that all homeowners have.  That doesn’t mitigate the fact that we all crave the same indulgences as everyone else.   When space is limited it doesn’t mean our designs have to be.   Small, utilitarian bathrooms are a thing of the past and creative design has taken over.  Open showers, compact furnishings, and console vanities along with making use of unconventional upwards space for storage make small bathrooms just as comfortable and user friendly as their larger counterparts.

Innovation in Woodwork

Of course with the trend of more sustainable, natural bathrooms comes the addition of wood elements.  Wooden walls created from recycled sources vs old school wood paneling, vanities designed out of reclaimed wood, and even flooring designed to look like wood planks are all elements that are trending in bathrooms.  Of course using wood elements in a space synonymous with water comes with challenges, the benefits make it worth the extra effort.

Classic White

Many designers will tell you that trends are meant to come and go but most will not argue that using white is a classic trend that will never go out of style, especially in a bathroom.  What’s new in 2020 is the addition of material such as composite countertops, marble tiling, and mixing in bold faucets with classic fixtures.  Accents of color and the use of plants are popular within classic white bathrooms.

Standalone Soaking Tubs

When people refer to luxury in bathrooms one of the most common elements that we picture is the claw foot tubs of yesteryear.  The more modern approach on a trend that continues to spill over into bathroom design are stylish standalone, soaking tubs.  This element was once reserved for larger bathrooms but even this is no longer the case.  Standalone tubs are being designed 100’s of sizes, styles, and color options to choose from.  Whether paired with an open concept shower or not, the luxury of a soaking tub is no longer left for those blessed with large bathroom spaces.

Creating a Master Spa

A private spa, all to yourself, in your own home is something many of us can only dream of.  Stop dreaming and let the experts at Horton Plumbing and Remodeling create a private spa like oasis for you.  Using elements involved in natural design, along with the proper accent elements you can enjoy a bathroom spa like no other.

Color trends for bathrooms tend to lean towards more muted, natural tones in 2020.  Expect to see gray, beige, and white hues to remain popular choices in tile and wall paint, while classic white fixtures continue to endure.  No matter what your vision is when you dream of your new bathroom space, the bathroom specialists of Horton Plumbing and Remodeling can help make it a reality.