The end of September is here!  Michiganders are busy cramming in the last bit of “summer fun” while warmly welcoming in the festivities of fall.  The cooler temperatures make is more bearable to start tucking your home away to wait for when spring will awake it once again.  Flowers are trimmed, mowers are winterized, & patio furniture stored but what about your homes plumbing; are you ready for the dramatic drops in temperature that Michigan fall weather is known for?  To get you ready we are sharing the basics to help you prep while the weather is still enjoyable to do so.

Check for Faucet Leaks

Outdoor faucets are notorious for mysteriously leaking causing repairs and replacement to hose bibs to spike in the spring.  Fall is the perfect time to have a plumber inspect the plumbing to all your exterior hose spigots.  Look for signs the faucet or plumbing may be leaking, as well as checking that the shut off valve is in working condition.  It is crucial that when the exterior plumbing is no longer in use for the season that the water is shut off and the lines are drained. This will help prevent water from remaining in the line and freezing which can cause considerable damage.  Add an insulation cover over the outside faucet to prevent water from thawing and freezing within the valve over the winter months. If you need help with winterizing your outdoor faucets, schedule service with a Horton Plumbing plumber.

Store Drained Garden Hoses

When packing up for the fall and winter, don’t forget your garden hoses.  It is important to make sure the water is completely drained from your hoses before you store them away in a garage or shed.  This will ensure their longevity.  Hoses that have remaining water left in them are at risk of the water freezing, expanding, and cracking.

Insulation for Piping

Exterior plumbing and interior plumbing on exterior walls should be properly insulated to prevent the possibility of freezing, which can cause the pipe to crack and burst. Don’t forget about piping in the garage and crawl space.  Special insulation for piping can be purchased at local hardware stores or if crawling under the house isn’t up your alley, you can schedule service with a Horton Plumbing plumber.

Sump Pump Inspection and Pit Cleaning

Sump pumps are not only active during the rainy spring season and are important to be in proper working order throughout the winter months.  Before the ground freezes and a heavy rain or melting snow start to work your sump pit have it inspected to ensure it is functioning as it should be.  The sump pit should also be cleaned.

Debris Clear Gutters

There is no better time then the present to clear your gutters and downspouts, no need to wait for freezing temps.  Blocked gutters, especially those that freeze during the cold winter months can lead to all sorts of issues including damage to gutters, foundation damage, and even roof or siding damage. Heavy debris and frozen water create expansion and contraction as well as adding extra weight to gutters, roofing, and siding.

Leaving for the Winter?

Are you a snowbird planning to go South to wait out the cold Northern weather have your homes plumbing winterized before leaving town.  This will entail draining your homes plumbing and adding anti-freeze to all lines.