Hot water is a luxury that many of us don’t think twice about.  Fortunately for most of us water heaters start showing signs of age far before we step into a fridged cold shower.  From a low volume of hot water to visible sediment, water heaters provide subtle warnings that they are coming to the end of their life cycle.  Long gone are the days when a home’s water heater would last through multiple homeowners without ever needing service and in with the days of regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and replacement.

There are many indicators to consider when determining if a hot water tank can be repaired or if it inevitably needs to be replaced. One of the first factors is the age of the water heater.  Horton Plumbing carries Bradford White water heaters, which come with a six-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Repair options for water heaters are often quite expensive which is why when a water heater reaches 7+ years of age we recommend replacement.  The risk of repairing a heater over 7 years old is that it is nearing the end of its lifecycle.  With the price of plumbing repairs, it just doesn’t make sense to make a $500 repair on an old water heater that may only last a couple of more months.  This is especially true because the replacement of a new heater and installation comes in at around $1500.

Bradford White ImageAnother way to tell that a water heater needs to be replaced is when it becomes noticeable that a lower-than-average amount of hot water is being produced.  When lukewarm showers become the norm, it is a sure sign the heater’s performance is declining and it inevitably will need to be replaced.

A water heater may also start to show signs of corrosion and increased sediment.  At any point the water coming from the tap starts to appear to have a rusty tint or small bits of residue are present it means the tank’s integrity is compromised and could start leaking at any time.  This is one of the more noticeable signs that your water heater needs to be replaced.  Once a hot water heater starts to leak replacement is unavoidable.  It is important to catch a leaking water heater early so that it can be drained properly otherwise there is a substantial risk of water damage to the surrounding area.

From plumbing to HVAC, mechanical systems are essential in sustaining a certain level of comfort throughout the home.  With that in mind, Horton Plumbing recommends all homeowners find service professionals in their area to keep on speed dial.  For when late night emergencies strike or everyday maintenance is needed, having trusted, local service providers is important.  These are the people who can help extend the lifespan of fixtures and appliances throughout the home, including water heaters.