Horton Plumbing has been experiencing a higher-than-normal call volume regarding water being shut off to residential and commercial customers that have not had their backflow devices tested or have failed to repair devices that have failed.  Be sure to pay attention to the dates on all paperwork sent by the city and schedule well in advance of those deadlines.

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From the Plymouth Pulse:

New Water Meters: Three Tasks in One!

In the spirit of efficiency and convenience to residents, the City of Plymouth has contracted with one company, Hydrocorp, to replace all water meters, to implement a residential cross connection control program, and to conduct a water service line material inventory, all in one visit to each residence. HydroCorp has been a partner with the City of Plymouth for over 15 years and is currently administering our commercial cross connection control program.

The new meters have advanced features which allow the Department of Municipal Services to receive notice of any leaks or burst pipes so they can quickly resolve issues. In addition, residents will be able monitor their usage in near real time. “This is an important component,” said Department of Municipal Services Director Chris Porman. “If one of your pipes leaks, you’ll be able to find out right away, before you lose too much water.”

The cross connection control program, which is essentially a periodic inspection and testing of backflow prevention devices, as well as the water service line material inventory are required by The State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) as part of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Anticipate additional information regarding this project to arrive in your mailbox and inbox near the end of 2022. The $1.7 million project is expected to begin implementation in mid-January of 2023.

Original Article: https://tinyurl.com/mr3y3rph

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