Sewers and Drains

Sewers and Drains

24/7 Sewer and Drain Services

Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain That Needs SnakingHorton Plumbing and Remodeling specializes in clearing clogged drains.  From blocked kitchen sinks and gurgling toilets to grease traps and parking lot catch basins, our expert drain specialists will clear your clogged drain.  No matter what you call it –auguring, snaking, cabling, jetting, or rotor rootering, no matter what drain it is – sink, tub, shower, toilet, sanitary, storm, stacks, roof vents, culverts, parking lots, sump pumps or grease traps, we have the solution for your clogged drain. 

Our drain cleaners will come out to your location, evaluate your problem, and provide reliable, professional drain service.  Horton plumbers provide electric drain cleaning and specialty cutters, when necessary, to clear clogged drains, camera inspections to locate issues within sewers and drains, and high-pressured jetting when necessary.  We will also repair, replace, and relocate sewer lines.

Sewer and Drain Video Camera Inspection

Horton drain specialists use advanced video cameras to visually inspection drain and sewer lines without having to rip up your homes foundation or exterior landscape.  The camera allows damage within sewer and drain lines to be viewed first hand prior to restoration services. This ensures an appropriate plan of action can be developed to effectively repair your unique issue, saving you valuable time and money.

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Handheld Borescope for Video Camera Inspection
Electric Drain Cabling Bring Back Massive Root Blockage

Electric Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Whether you are looking for professionals to perform routine sewer and drain maintenance or need emergency service for a clogged drain, Horton has the expertise and equipment available to clear any drain. When we are in town, your drains will go down, from wipes to roots our drain specialists will clear your blocked drains.

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Sewer Jetting

Horton Plumbing and Remodeling provides hydro jetting, a high pressured drain line cleaner that uses water to clear clogged or slow sewage lines.  The strong blast of water is sent down into the line and is used to remove stubborn blockages and build up that occurs overtime.  Jetting services are most often used on culverts, parking lot drains, storm sewers, sump pump lines, and grease traps.

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Parking Lot Catch Basin That Is Clogged and Not Letting Water Drain

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